2019 Office Bearers and AGM

13 December 2018

AGM Rundown plus Congrats and thanks all Club Leaders


The Club AGM was held Monday December 10th with a strong turnout of very focused, dedicated and outstanding volunteers.

Detailed reports from President Andrew Vinecombe, key office bearers and Coaches were tabled, along with extensive club information contained in the Annual Report. Special thanks to Secretary Ross DiLizio and Administrator John Raffle for compiling this year’s information, an outstanding effort resulting in a first class document.

Congratulations and thanks to our 2019 Office Bearers as Elected

President – Andrew Vinecombe.  Secretary – Ross DiLizio.  Treasurer – Lauren Corstens

Director of Football – Glen Thorogood.  Player Rep – Luke Scerri.  School Liason – Tony Caven

VAFA Delegate – Justin Evans.  Junior Club Rep – John Tormey.  Club Registrar – Peter Holland

General Committee – David McAllister, Adrian Fuller, Paul Flynn  

Andrew Vinecombe thanked out going Committee Members Terry Bentick, Vinnie McGuire and Patrick Crabb for their long term contributions. Vinnie will be continuing with his important work as chair of the Diamond Dogs Coterie Group, and the related “Jobs Network” that provides employment and career opportunities for the playing group. Patrick Crabb will continue to assist Vinnie and also work volunteering on other club activities. Terry will no doubt be around the club a lot as his son Adam continues his playing leadership and mentoring.

It was also confirmed that Angela McGuire is standing down from running the Womens Network, which has done a mountain of work for the club over the last 8 years, through their community engagement, events and fundraising. Raylene Bentick who worked very closely with Angela and likewise was an outstanding contributor is also stepping down. Andrew thanked both ladies for their fantastic work, and their leadership and support will be missed. However it raises the opportunity for other people to step up and takeover. The introduction of a womens team plus ongoing girls junior football, will help identify candidates, for the involvement of more women in club activities.

Administrator John Raffle has copies of the Annual Report and financials should members wish to secure all the details. The Presidents Report has been posted on the club website and facebook pages, and we encourage everyone to read Andrews excellent overview of a big 2018 .

We also urge you all to get on board, and help and support us in any way you are able, and we surge into 2019 for our ……. “Attack on A Grade”

The Committee


Patrick Crabb