Ascot Group a New Key Sponsor

28 February 2018

Ascot Group become a Key Sponsor as Platinum Building & Construction Partner


The Club is delighted to announce Ascot Group as a new Key Sponsor,  our "Platinum Building and Construction Partner"

 The Ascot Group Logo will be worn on players shorts as we head into a big 2018 season as part of a three year commitment.

Background - Ascot group are leaders in the Building and Construction Industry and related Services.

Ascot Group operate in a wide range of sectors including

Health & Aged Care - Retirement Living - Education - Hospitality & Retail - Government & Community - Residential

In their own words - “The founders and directors of ASCOT GROUP are proud of the company and the 60+ staff that enhance our reputation, as an expert and market leader in commercial and residential construction”.

A number of Ascot Group Management have strong connections to the St Bernards Community, with current employees who went to St Bernards - Joel Egan, Andrew Kavanagh, Joshua Smith, Michael Maggiore, John Paul Kavanagh, Michael Kavanagh, Damian McHugh, David Lancashire, Jansen Iannotti, Charlie Vague, Joe Agresta, Dylan Lombard and Justin Lombard.


Giving back and supporting the community, is something Ascot Group are very passionate about. They also provide active long term support to a number of local charity organizations. 

Through their projects Ascot Group can also offer career opportunities in the Building and Construction Industry, and are working with both the Football Club and the College to facilitate career options for a number of young people in our community.

The Club would like to welcome Ascot Group as our new "Platinum Building & Construction Partner", and thank them for their valuable support.

The Committee