Tobin Brothers Celebrating Lives

22 March 2017

Tobin Brothers continue their over 50 years of support

Tobin Brothers have been partners and supporters of St Bernards College and the football club, since they both started some 75 and 50 years ago respectively.

A family based business that is itself over 80 years old, has now had four generations of Tobins involved, and Tobin Brothers Funerals pride themselves on celebrating lives.

Tobins provide the highest level of service and care, they are committed to the betterment of the community, and have a team of very professional, dedicated and loyal staff.

Tobin Brothers also give back to the community through their Foundation, which supports individuals and organisations that are involved in activities that show community benefit.

The club would like to sincerely thank Tobin Brothers for their long term and ongoing support, and commend them on their community engagement and support.








The Committee