Thick & Thin - Mental Health Round

10 August 2016

VAFA partnership to raise awareness about Mental Health.

Message from VAFA HQ: We are very pleased to advise that Round 16 (13 August 2016) will be dedicated to the THiCK & THiN campaign.
In an effort to create some much needed awareness about men’s mental health within the VAFA, we are asking all clubs throughout Premier and Premier B to wear THiCK & THiN coloured socks during all Senior and Reserve Round 16 matches. The home team will wear Navy Blue socks and the away team will wear Sky Blue socks.

This player led initiative aims to enable honest and open conversations on mental health, in a safe and non-threatening platform at VAFA clubs. As many of you may be aware, a number of VAFA players, representing multiple clubs, have been working together to address this issue through THiCK & THiN.
The THiCK & THiN campaign is primarily focused on:
1. Creating awareness of men’s mental health within the VAFA, and the normalisation of mental health concerns;
2. Encouraging team mates to have a conversation if they notice any signs of mental health issues within themselves or others; and
3. Acting as a signpost for those either experiencing a mental illness or those supporting a mate through hard times.
Our footy clubs and our mental health are crucial elements in all of our lives and we hope that having your club involved in the THiCK & THiN campaign only enhances both these aspects.
For more information visit the THiCK & THiN Facebook page or To contact us, please email
Yours sincerely,
The THiCK & THiN team in partnership with the VAFA
Michael Sholly - VAFA CEO

The Committee