Senior Debutants & Heritage Numbers

06 September 2016

2016 saw 13 players make their Senior Debuts

In a challenging year one strong highlight was the 13 very talented young players, listed below, who made their Senior Debut's.

As each player plays his first senior game, he is given a "Heritage Number" to signify where in the 53 years of the club, he sits in the players roll call. This year in Round 1 Jed Carey (son of former club champion Wayne) made his debut as Heritage Number 639. This years list of debutants was rounded out by Jack Thorogood as Heritage Number 651.

The club would particulalry like to congratulate all 13 players for all their hard work and dedication, and for representing the club with determination and distinction. Also thanks to John Raffle and Paul Garth for maintaining this list, to ensure debutants are quite rightly honored in the pages of the clubs history.

A full list of players from 1 to 651 is on the webstite under the tab "the Club" and then click on "Heritage Numbers"

639    CAREY    Jed     Rnd: 1/2016   
640    HUGHES    Mitchell     Rnd: 1/2016   
641    SCHRODER    Jordan     Rnd: 1/2016  
642    SIBBALD    Edyn     Rnd: 1/2016  
643    VAGUE    Charlie    Rnd: 1/2016   
644    DELZOPPO    Thomas     Rnd: 6/2016  
645    MITCHELL    Luke     Rnd: 8/2016  
646    HEDLEY    Joshua    Rnd: 9/2016   
647    DALEY    Kane     Rnd: 10/2016   
648    RILEY    James     Rnd: 10/2016  
649    DILLON    Anthony     Rnd: 11/2016   
650    ROCKE    Harrison     Rnd: 13/2016  
651    THOROGOOD    Jack     Rnd: 13/2016   

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