2013 Junior Coaching Appointments

27 November 2012

We are pleased to advise that after an extensive interview process for all applicants, we have appointed the following coaches for the 2013 season.

So we can be well organised coaches will contact you pre-Christmas to find out if your boys are playing in 2013. This will help us to determine numbers of players per playing age group, teams and grades.

Under 16a – Paul Johns

The under 16’s coaching position is a very important one to the club as it is the last year the boys will be in a junior environment and we need to be getting them ready to move up to the senior club.

Therefore, after going through a strenuous interview process it is our pleasure to appoint Paul Johns. Paul was the stand out candidate from a very good bunch of applicants (6 people interviewed Paul and were unanimous in agreeing he was the man for the job).

Paul has coached Werribee under 16A’s for the past 5 years with excellent success (never finishing lower than a preliminary final). His experience combined with his excellent football knowledge and game plan will ensure that he develops this team to their full potential. Paul’s organisational skills are outstanding and he is strong on discipline in terms of training and adhering to the game plan. He is a great communicator.

Please make sure that you make Paul feel very welcome when you see him.

Under 16c – Steve Palmer

We welcome Steve Palmer to St Bernard’s. Steve’s application arrived and we were very impressed; so impressed we interviewed him twice. Steve played Amateur football for Old Melbournian’s and Uni Blues. His work as a lawyer and an advisor to a senior minister in the State Government then took over.

He has a passion for community sport and has been judging and refereeing boxing for many years. A career change has steered him in our direction with him commencing a job as a teacher at St Bernard’s in 2013 (Tony Patch highly recommended Steve).

He has a very good understanding of the modern game and is a superb communicator. Steve is going to be helped in 2013 by Phil Hannah.

Please introduce yourself to Steve and make him feel welcome.

Under 15a – Glen Thorogood (Thoro)

Glen has excellent playing credentials as well as being an assistant to Peter Holland with the under14A’s in 2012. He has proven himself to be very diligent in his preparation and communicates well with the boys.

He believes in keeping the game simple with basic team rules combined with players understanding that they need to respect each other and the opposition.

This year he is also giving up his time to help out with the Academy program which focusses on fitness and skill development. Congratulations Glen and we all look forward to the development of the boys in 2013.

Under 14a – Luke Gollant

Luke is a fabulous teacher of the game at all levels of football. This was shown this year where he also helped out with the 14C boys (as well as coaching the 13’s) ensuring that they focussed on developing the little things in their game.

He strongly believes that the players should be learning to look after their team mates with a view to also helping them become better players and people.

He has done an exceptional job with this group and is very proud of how he has developed the boys over the last 2 years and he envisages that the boys will be even more competitive in the 2013 season.

Under 14c – Aaron Helenius

We welcome Aaron to the junior club. Aaron plays with the senior club and wanted to get involved in coaching at junior level. He is a very impressive young man who also coaches tennis at St John Bosco’s tennis club and attends Melbourne University.

Aaron will work closely with Luke Gollant in developing the 14c’s concentrating on improving skills, winning the ball and ensuring that the boys enjoy the experience.

Aaron is going to be a great asset to the club and we warmly welcome him into the junior fold.

Under 13a – Chris O’halloran (Super Coach!!)

This should be short and sweet really…….…..won a premiership in 2012!

Chris being the person he is was happy to come in for an interview and provided us with some pearls of wisdom based on a number of years coaching.

He is keen to continue the skills and development program that was set in place this year, whilst extending the boys with more difficult training drills that can then be undertaken on the field.

Brett Sholl will again be on board for the back to back tilt.

Chris, thanks again for committing to the cause and I am sure you will have another enjoyable season.

Under 13b – Richard Brown (Brownie)

Richard has a strong history of playing football at a very high level. In 2012 he assisted Shane Byrne with the 12C’s and managed to combine his football knowledge with a great ability to connect with the boys.

He is looking forward to encouraging the boys to be more accountable in 2013 whilst ensuring that they develop skills and a great team bond. I have no doubt that Richard and his team will achieve all this and more in 2013.

Under 12a – Tony Liberatore (Libba)

We welcome back Libba to the club in 2103 to coach the under 12A’s.

We are all are aware of Libba’s playing career; now he loves to watch the boys develop. He combines technique with discipline which has ensured in previous years that many boys have improved. I am sure that this will continue on (we may even be able to get him to a few Sunday roasts next year if he gives up the old man’s super rules!!). Congratulations Libba.

Under 12c – Michael Borg (Borgy)

Michael is a one in a million; great guy; very calm and above all else has a passion for the game and loves the rewards of seeing the boys improving and enjoying their footy. He was thrown to the wolves last year and did a great job in earning the respect of the players and parents. He is looking forward to again motivating the boys into a competitive unit. Michael thanks for being involved again and we are sure you will have a great year.

Under 11 – Mario Cannuzzi

We know Mario has done a great job the last couple of years with the 9’s and 10’s and he has put up his hand again for the 2013 season. Mario has extensive footy knowledge having spent 16 years in the Fremantle box when they played on the East Coast.

He uses his knowledge to set little goals that each player can achieve to contribute to the total game plan, whilst also ensuring that the boys have some fun.

Mario welcome back and we look forward to your reports in 2013

Under 10 – Frank Petruccelli

Frank has done a wonderful job with this group of boys for the last 2 years and is looking forward to ramping up the skills training with the boys. Frank also understands that footy is about fun and will be making sure that the boys enjoy themselves whilst they are learning and having a good time.

We also welcome as Franks assistant Rohan Jarvis. Rohan is big on educating the players and will be a great asset to Frank and his team.

Under 9 – Wes Crook

Wes is a great guy, has a very easy going nature and a very calm demeanour. He has helped out in many capacities in recent years with various teams.

He has been coaching under 10 and 12 cricket for many years at Flemington and consequently has a great understanding of what is needed to coach boys of this age.

We are all sure that Wes will do a great job in 2013.

Under 9 – Bryan Said

Bryan has a strong footy history, playing at a very high level under elite coaches and himself coaching at senior level in the EDFL. He not only brings his footy knowledge but like Wes, a very relaxed nature – it would take a lot to ruffle Bryan’s feathers.

He is looking forward to teaching the boys the skills of the game and is excited by the prospect of seeing the boys develop.

Bryan is an asset to the club and we are sure that he will have a most enjoyable 2013 season.

Luke Baird